Workshop - Sex Addiction and Pastoral Care

pastoral approaches to sex and pornography addiction workshop for churches
pastoral approaches to sex and pornography addiction workshop for churches
Sex Addiction and Pastoral Care Workshop

This workshop explores sex and pornography addiction from a Christian faith perspective. In addition to providing an the addiction, and the underlying aspects that may feed into the behaviour, the workshop has a particular focus on how those in pastoral care may support both those struggling and their families. Some consideration of the safeguarding issues around working with sex and pornography addiction are also covered

The day will explain sex and pornography addiction from a biopsychosocial perspective and explore biblical perspectives on dependency and recovery as a form of ongoing discipleship. Ultimately only the ‘addict’ can decide if their behaviour is ‘addictive’ or out of control. This experiential and information packed day will help those in a supportive role to guide people towards that decision. Practical tools will also be provided along with guidance for how to set up help within the local church context and when to promote appropriate referral.

This is a one day workshop aimed primarily at pastoral carers but may also be useful for counsellors. It is designed to give an introduction to aspects of sex and pornography addiction giving 6 hours of CPD.

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Workshop Aims
  • To approach sex and porn addiction from a Christian faith perspective.

  • To provide a definition of sex and porn addiction

  • To look at sex and porn addiction from a biopsychosocial perspective

  • To understand underlying causes and contributing factors

  • To provide an understanding of the cycle of addiction

  • To explore the underlying shame and wounded places or 'orphan heart'

  • To understand how escalation can lead to dangerous or illegal behaviours

  • To consider some of the safeguarding concerns that arise from the addiction

  • To provide an overview of treatment options for those with addiction

  • To explore how church culture can help or hinder those seeking help

  • To explore what churches can do to support those seeking help with addiction

  • To understand the limitations of personal capacity and competence when offering hope and support

  • To understand when referral to others may be needed.

Peter’s workshop for church leaders on sex addiction and pastoral care was extremely well received by all who participated due to a mix of relevant input, testimony, and space to do some processing for ourselves. He kept the focus on personal transformation through the gospel whilst being helpfully honest about the journey. At the end of the day many church leaders were asking about the possibility of a longer course for churches.

the most reverend Martin Gordon bishop of Goma, DRC
the most reverend Martin Gordon bishop of Goma, DRC

Workshop Testimonials

The Most Reverend Martin Gordon, Bishop of Goma, DRC

This (sex addiction and pastoral care) workshop was highly relevant and very useful in providing an understanding into the pastoral needs of those struggling with sexual addictions. Peter was clear, knowledgeable and approachable, with obvious experience in the field, and created an engaging and thought-provoking day. We were delighted to host the workshop while I was vicar of St Mark’s Battersea Rise, and I would highly recommend to anyone.

reverend Paul Perkin vicar
reverend Paul Perkin vicar

Reverend Paul Perkin
Former vicar of St Mark's Battersea Rise, London

The (sex addiction and pastoral care) workshop was highly relevant to me as an incumbent Vicar. There were no ‘stupid questions’ and Peter held the course very safely, respectfully and professionally. The content was presented accessibly. We were given the latest facts and information about a fast-evolving subject as well as valuable perspectives and insights from practice which carried across a range of important ministerial domains.

The learning has been extremely valuable subsequently. It has given me greater compassion, insight and confidence when dealing with this issue in ministry. It is a topic that rarely features in formational training or IME and yet is something that comes up in ministry. Given that it is so complex and highly sensitive for those involved - expert guidance and training is essential. I have certainly been very grateful to have benefitted from Peter’s course. I have already recommended it to others, and I commend it again.

chris bradish rector of andover parish
chris bradish rector of andover parish

Reverend Chris Bradish
Rector of Andover Parish

About the Trainer

Peter Watts is counsellor working in private practice who has specialised in working with sexual addictions and supporting both those who struggle with them and those around them. He has had experience with working with those whose addiction has escalated to non-contact sexual offending behaviours. He also has a special interest in the impact of shame on people and sexual identity formation.

He has experience in presenting workshops on various subjects to counsellors and faith based groups, tailoring each day to provide an interactive, engaging and informative day that meets the specific needs of the audience. These workshops can either be run face to face or online.

He is a Registered Member of both the BACP and ACC and a member of the Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC). He is an approved trainer for the CPCAB accredited Level 5 Diploma in Working With Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder delivered by the Sex Addiction Institute of Sex Addiction Training (ISAT).

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