Workshop - Sex and Pornography Addiction

sex and pornography addiction distress
sex and pornography addiction distress

Sex and Pornography Addiction Workshop

This workshop is an introduction for therapists and counsellors to sex and pornography addiction and working with clients who are impacted by it. Sex and pornography addiction is the colloquial term many individuals use to describe their experience of "Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder" (CSBD) as classified by the WHO in ICD-11. In the end it is up to the individual themselves to determine if they are experiencing a problematic relationship with sex. This workshop will help therapists and counsellors be aware of some of the potential indicators of the issues.

The workshop explores sex / pornography addiction formation from a biopsychosocial perspective. It will explore the addictive cycle and the role of shame and other factors in addiction maintenance. The path to recovery and potential usefulness groupwork are addressed as is an introduction to some aspects of potential sexual offending resulting from addiction escalation. Consideration is given to how to support partners and other family members who may be affected by sexual addiction.

This is a one day workshop aimed primarily for counsellors. It is designed to give an introduction to aspects of sex and pornography addiction giving 6 hours of CPD.

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Workshop Aims

The topic of sexual / pornography addiction is like a very large manor house with many rooms. The day will give an 'overview of the floorplan' of the house and spend more time in some 'rooms' than others:

  • To provide a definition of sex and porn addiction and CSBD

  • To look at sex and porn addiction from a biopsychosocial perspective

  • To understand underlying causes and contributing factors

  • To introduce some of the neurobiology behind sex and porn addiction

  • To provide an understanding of the cycle of addiction

  • To look at the role of shame in the addiction process

  • To understand how escalation can lead to dangerous or illegal behaviours

  • To consider some of the safeguarding concerns that arise from the addiction

  • To introduce the support needs of partners of other family members

  • To provide an overview of treatment options for those with addiction

  • To explore the effectiveness of group work in recovery and concepts of recovery resilience

  • To understand the limitations of personal capacity and competence when offering hope and support

  • To understand when referral to others may be needed.

Peter has a relaxed and informative style of presenting using visual and verbal aids to explore the subject he is presenting. I found his presentations on Sex Addiction and GSRD helpful and educative for my work as a counsellor.

lesley ludlow workshop testimonial
lesley ludlow workshop testimonial

Workshop Testimonials

Lesley Ludlow,
BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and supervisor
Former Co-facilitator of the South London BACP Counsellor Network Group

The Introduction to Sex and Pornography Addiction workshop surpassed my expectations. The explanations were clear, the delivery was excellent, but most of all the compassion for the subject matter was outstanding. It is a difficult topic to discuss and most of the time it is swept under the carpet, so it was incredibly helpful to have a structured talk with handouts to aid reflection both during and afterwards. The content was insightful and the speakers clinical experience was evident and effectively communicated. I came away feeling better equipped in this area, and more confident in my own understanding of it.

fiona lenton mbacp (Accredited) workshop testimonial
fiona lenton mbacp (Accredited) workshop testimonial

Fiona Lenton
MBACP (Accredited)

About the Trainer

Peter Watts is counsellor working in private practice who has specialised in working with sexual addictions and supporting both those who struggle with them and those around them. He has had experience with working with those whose addiction has escalated to non-contact sexual offending behaviours. He also has a special interest in the impact of shame on people and sexual identity formation.

He has experience in presenting workshops on various subjects to counsellors and faith based groups, tailoring each day to provide an interactive, engaging and informative day that meets the specific needs of the audience. These workshops can either be run face to face or online.

He is a Registered Member of both the BACP and ACC and a member of the Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC). He is an approved trainer for the CPCAB accredited Level 5 Diploma in Working With Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder delivered by the Sex Addiction Institute of Sex Addiction Training (ISAT).

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