Workshop - Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity (GSRD)

gender sex and relationship diversity (GSRD) many coloured jelly beans
gender sex and relationship diversity (GSRD) many coloured jelly beans

Gender Sex and Relationship Diversity Workshop

Our understanding of human sexuality and expression is constantly developing over time. Moving beyond the paradigms of "heterosexual vs LGBTQI+" this workshop explores the vast diversity of human experience with respect to gender, sex, sexuality, orientation and identity. It is informed by the BACP's best practice Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity (GSRD) document.

The experiential day offers an opportunity to explore one's own reactions to the different topics covered. Human sexuality is explored from a biopsychosocial developmental model. Aspects of the issues faced by sexual minorities and some current contentions are addressed using the Positive Sexuality Framework as a way of approaching this complex and sensitive topic.

This is a one day workshop aimed at counsellors, designed to give an introduction to aspects of Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity (GSRD) giving 6 hours of CPD.

The GSRD workshop can (and has) been successfully adapted for faith based groups wishing to explore this within their own framework.

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Core Workshop Aims

  • To allow space for the exploration and reflection on one's own prejudices with respect to human sexuality

  • To gain an understanding of the GSRD framework

  • To explore sex, sexuality, orientation and identity from a biopsychosocial model

  • To gain an understanding of the interlace between sex, gender and sexuality of human sexuality

  • To present an introduction to sexual template formation

  • To gain an experiential understanding of the Positive Sexuality Framework

  • To explore the development through history of the formation of sexual / gender identities

  • To explore current thinking beyond the 'binary' concepts of sex, gender and relationship

Additional Workshop Aims

The needs of different groups can vary therefore this workshop can be modular and include some of the following according to your requirements

  • Exploration of specific sexual identities, expressions, orientations and practices which may include the lesbian, gay and transgender communities, asexuality, solosexuality, polyamory

  • Exploration of various gender identities

  • Exploration of transgender issues and the protected philosophical beliefs associated with gender identity theories

  • Some aspects around fluidity within the human sexual experience

Peter has a relaxed and informative style of presenting using visual and verbal aids to explore the subject he is presenting. I found his presentations on Sex Addiction and GSRD helpful and educative for my work as a counsellor.

lesley ludlow bacp accredited counsellor
lesley ludlow bacp accredited counsellor

Workshop Testimonials

Lesley Ludlow,
BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and supervisor
Former Co-facilitator of the South London BACP Counsellor Network Group

About the Trainer

Peter Watts is counsellor working in private practice who has specialised in working with sexual addictions and supporting both those who struggle with them and those around them. He has had experience with working with those whose addiction has escalated to non-contact sexual offending behaviours. He also has a special interest in the impact of shame on people and sexual identity formation.

He has experience in presenting workshops on various subjects to counsellors and faith based groups, tailoring each day to provide an interactive, engaging and informative day that meets the specific needs of the audience. These workshops can either be run face to face or online.

He is a Registered Member of both the BACP and ACC and a member of the Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC). He is an approved trainer for the CPCAB accredited Level 5 Diploma in Working With Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder delivered by the Sex Addiction Institute of Sex Addiction Training (ISAT).

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